DHS Post-Secondary Center


The primary goal of the Post-Secondary Center at Durango High School is to provide individual career and academic planning as well as social emotional support for every student.
In the DHS Post-Secondary Center, each student has assigned to them both an Academic Advisor and a School Counselor who follows them for all four years of high school. This model ensures continuity and secure relationships with students for a variety of needs. Academic Advisors meet with each of their students every semester to build the Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP) to match each student’s post-graduate aspirations. Advisors audit transcripts for graduation requirements and work with students and families on the college admission and financial aid process and/or other post-secondary options.

 The Post-Secondary Center is focused on building strong, lasting relationships with every student. 
The following are just some of the student supports offered by DHS:
  • ICAP planning, including career and 4-year academic planning
  • Advisory curriculum that supports student learning
  • One-on-one academic planning and counseling
  • Informational nights for all grade levels
  • FAFSA explanation sessions
  • Support Groups
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