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Please refer to the Student Handbook (p.11-13) and the Student & Family Success Guide for a complete description of the DHS attendance policy.  All DHS students have returned to FULL DAYS 8:20 AM to 3:40 PM on Tuesday through Friday (early release Mondays at 2:40 PM) beginning August 2022.      Links:  DHS Bell Schedule

PARENT/GUARDIAN:  Please contact DHS to excuse your student's Absence OR report Present; notify within 24 hours of the absence or it will remain unexcused.  The order of communication preference is:
  1. Email dhsattendance@durangoschools.org
  2. OR, Voicemail 970-259-1630 x.2312.  If mailbox is full, use x.2313.
  • INFORMATION REQUESTED: Your student's name(s), grade and date.
  • Reason for your student's absence: out of town, travel, illness (include symptoms), or other reasons.
  • Request provider/doctor's office note to excuse for medical/other appointments.  Taking a picture of the note and emailing to DHS Attendance is acceptable and preferred.
  • Continue to report illness/symptoms and/or COVID-19 test results for all days your child is ill.




Permission to Leave DHS Campus - Please email/call DHS Attendance on the morning of the appointment/early checkout, even days before.  Attendance staff will enter a note in IC to show proof of permission from parents/guardians; you may text your student to remind their teacher about the approved early checkout.  Teachers can see the note in their IC roster and will allow your student to leave at your designated time.


  • DHS Pre-Arranged Absence Form (for 3 or more absences) must be arranged 5 DAYS BEFORE the absence and approved by all teachers with current % grades.  It is for absences not excusable by Colorado law including college visits and non-DHS academic/sporting activities.  See form link at bottom of this page.
  • Because all students are "in the care of" DHS during school hours, parents/guardians must excuse their student's absence/tardy by email/call, even if a student is 18 years or older.
  • Excusable absences versus Unexcused absences
  • Athletics/Activities early release - If the release time is during a class period, students must attend their class to check in with their teacher and NOT skip class altogether.
  • Please see the Student Handbook (below) about absences during Final Exams.
  • Seniors must attend at least 85% of classes to be eligible for participating in the Graduation ceremony; see DHS Student Handbook (below).
  • Parents of CLUB SPORTS STUDENTS (such as DEVO) must call to excuse their absence.  (DHS sports coaches will submit their rosters, no need to call in for DHS sports students.)