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DHS Attendance Procedures
Please refer to the Student Handbook and the Student & Family Success Guide for a complete description of the attendance policy. The following are procedures for notification of daily absences:
  • Please call or email (preferred) the attendance office on every day that your student is absent. Make sure you call within 24 hours of the absence, or the absence will remain unexcused.
  • Provide the following information when asking to excuse your student: name, grade, reason for the absence, period of absence, and your contact information. Communications that do not include a reason for an absence, or a valid reason for an absence, will not be excused. The attendance office cannot return calls to determine the reason.
  • If your student needs to leave campus during the day for an appointment, please send a written note that your student can exchange for a Permit to Leave the Building. They should bring the note to the Attendance Office before school, so they can show the Permit to their teacher to be excused at the appropriate time.
  • Students must sign out at the attendance window when they leave, and back in upon their return. Absences will not be excused after the fact.
  • If your student becomes ill during the school day, s/he should go to the nurse’s office. The school nurse will determine if the student needs to go home and will make arrangements with the parents.
  • If you wish to prearrange an absence, forms are available in the front office. They must be completed and returned to the attendance office 5 days prior to the absence.
Prearranged absences include: college visits, non-DHS academic and sporting activities. Excusable absences include: medical appointments, family emergencies, court, DHS related activities. Please see the Student Handbook about absences during Final Exams. 
Unexcused absences include: sleeping in, missing the bus, getting home late the night before.
DHS Attendance Contact Information: Phone: 259-1630, ext. 2312. Please leave a detailed message. 
Email: dhsattendance@durangoschools.org