Durango Elevation Academy

Durango Elevation Academy is an alternative program located within Durango High School serving grades 9-12. Elevation Academy is a positive choice for many students seeking a high school diploma in a smaller and unique setting. Elevation Academy supports a wide range of learning options to fit the needs of a variety of students.


Students have the right to learn, to express themselves, to experience success, and to be treated with dignity and respect. Together, we will create a positive learning environment and seek opportunities for students to succeed.


Durango Elevation Academy is an educational program intensely focused on academic achievement in preparation for graduation and the development of attitudes and skills needed for success in life. This program works for students who share this focus.


To create a safe and uplifting environment and provide authentic learning opportunities that inspire students to engage with their learning community. To focus on academic achievement as well as the development of personal and social skills necessary for a successful life.


All students who attend our program have a right to learn, to express themselves, to experience success, and be treated with respect and worth. In return for these rights, we will facilitate a positive and engaging learning environment for students to succeed. We realize many of our students have found success difficult in traditional school settings. Therefore, we will provide a setting where students can own their learning and take responsibility for it, where students can know self-discipline by exercising it, and where students can develop a personal value system by practicing it.

For more information please contact Robert Aspen.

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