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Demon Way

Each day a student will be announced on the morning announcements as the "Demon of the Day". The Demon of the Day is a student whom an adult in the building thinks does a great job of showing and living the Demon Way. For being recognized as Demon of the Day, both the student and nominating teacher, will be in the drawing for a prize package donated by area merchants. To click here to read about today's Demon of the Day.
Here are some recent stories of students showing a living the Demon Way:
Emily Murillo Ramirez was nominated by her teacher Mrs. Tiles Fitzpatrick for Emily’s care and support. Said Mrs. Tiles Fitzpatrick “ Emily is an excellent math student but more importantly she is a caring and supportive friend. I have frequently seen Emily support a friend in class who is upset with some issues outside of class.”

Ananda Chacon was nominated by Mr. Garland, for her honesty. Said Mr. Garland “After speaking in a less than positive manner toward a staff member, Ananda was honest and apologized for the way she spoke.”

Ben Belt was nominated by his teacher, Mr. Wilson, for Ben’s caring actions. Said Mr. Wilson “after a cold commute to school on my bike, Ben quickly came to my aid he offered to carry my bike up the stairs and open my classroom door.

Abby Scott was nominated by her teacher Mrs. Brull for Abby’s’s care. Said Mrs. Brull “I witnessed Abby inviting a student to her home for dinner after Abby found out this student didn’t get to experience family meals. Abby wanted to make sure this student felt at home in our school and community.”

Sarah Vierling was nominated by her teacher Mrs. Gozigian for Sarah’s care and support. Said Mrs. Gozigian “I had the opportunity to quietly observe Sarah working with another student outside my class during a tutoring session. Sarah is a NHS tutor. I was impressed by how supportive, patient, and encouraging she was with her tutee as they worked through the math problems.

Bailey Lynch was nominated by her teacher, Mr. Smith who caught Bailey demonstrating an exemplary amount of care when one of her fellow students became upset and Bailey immediately went to her to console her.

Lila Truno was nominated by her teacher, Mr. Lowe who caught Lila being the author of encouraging and supportive notes for those around her. Says Mr. Lowe “Such a high degree of empathy is a rare thing and Lila has certainly given us an excellent example in what we want from our Demons.”

Seth Creegen Yochum was nominated by his teacher Mrs. Anderson for his extra special care in working with students at Needham Elementary as an activity leader.

Jake Genauldi was nominated by his teacher, Ms. Hayden, for being such a positive contributions in class and his willingness to help others around him with things they don’t understand. Says Ms. Hayden “I have never seen him speak down to someone not understanding the material. He helps with a smile on his face and a ton of patience”

Nick Dudley was nominated by his teacher, Mr. Clark for being such a positive role model and going above and beyond working with students in Mr. Clark’s class.
Ford Pitts was nominated by his teacher Mrs. McClung. Mrs. McClung said, "Ford is not only kind, but caring and respectful. I’ve seen him demonstrate nothing but sincere love for his school, his peers".
Channing Syme was nominated by her teacher Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson said, "Channing recently noticed a classmate without a partner for some group work. She lived the Demon way by offering herself as a partner to be supportive of her classmate".
Aiden Nicccum was nominated by his teacher Mrs. Gozigian.  Mrs. Gozigian said, "regardless of who I pair or group him with, Aiden is unfailingly warm, funny, inclusive , welcoming o/of ALL his peers".

Eliza Anderson was nominated by her teacher Mrs. Karpel. Mrs. Karpel said,  "Eliza has continuously supported her classmates in Fashion Design throughout this semester. She willingly shares her time and knowledge to help students who are struggling".

Dee Trujillo was nominated by his teacher Mr. Lowe. Mr. Lowe said, "Dee has consistently demonstrated the strength of his character when it comes to reaching out to kids in class who may be feeling down, are new to school or may be having problems".
Sylvia Reyes was nominated by her teacher Mrs. Tiles Fitzpatrick. Mrs.Tiles Fitzpatrick said "Sylvia is an awesome representative of a DHS student.  She is at the top of her class in math and is willing to help those around her.  In addition, she is always asking deep questions about math and frequently requests additional more challenging work to do on her own time."
Elisha Harry was nominated by her teacher Lindsay Hayden. Said Ms. Hayden  "Elisha has worked so hard this year in Math and has supported one of her friends by helping to ensure their success in my class as well. She has gone as far as to bring her friend in with her for extra help during lunch and after school. What a tremendous friend she has been!"


Ramon Cardiel was nominated by his teacher Mrs. Halloran. Ms. Halloran said "When asked if he would be willing to mentor another student, he accepted very willingly and has really taken this other student under his wing. It has been amazing to see how much Ramon has stepped up to help."


Kilian Gwinn was nominated by Mrs Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell said of Kilian "In Art+Technology Killian is always willing to jump in and help other students with their projects when they are stuck or having trouble. He is a great member of our classroom community!"


Emmanuel Hernandez was nominated by his teacher Mr. Justin Vogt. Mr. Vogt was impressed with Emmanuel when he noted "Emmanuel constantly takes pride in the work he does in class.  He is always polite and does what he is asked to do.  He is striving to be in our countries military and will serve us all with great pride.".


Brandon Montano was nominated by his teacher Mrs. Carolyn Blehm. Mrs Blehm was impressed by Brandon's caring and supportive actions. Said Mrs. Blehm, "I have had the opportunity to observe Brandon striving to include various students who are shy or feel left out from certain activities in class. He makes the effort to bring the student in, include them in a meaningful way and support them when he can. It has been a pleasure to observe this type of care and support between students who may not interact on a regular basis or share a similar friend group. "


Jordan Woolverton was nominated by Athletics and Activities admin assistant Mrs. Ann Duft. Jordan's caring attitude was noticed by Mrs. Duft. "A young boy had just moved to the Durango area and had no friends and a birthday coming up. Jordan took time out of his Saturday to come throw a football with him for an hour and a half. I’m so proud of Jordan for giving up his time to help make a someone’s day, an act that made a positive, lasting impression for a young boy. Right on, Jordan!

Acacia Cofman was nominated by her teacher Mr. Todd Jolley. Mr. Jolley noticed Acacia demonstrating care when he noticed that Acacia, offered her own money to a hungry student to get a snack from the vending machine. This is consistent with her compassionate, hardworking character, which she has demonstrated every single day.

Hannah Coster-Hannah was nominated by her teacher Senora Maria Gonzales. Ana la falsa” jumped at the opportunity to tutor a Spanish 1 student so he could be successful with the class material/content & feel confident with his learning.  Muy bien “Ana la falsa”!!!!


Kaylan Wait was nominated by her teacher Mr. Dale Garland. A young man came up to buy a ticket to the Winter Formal and was short on paying for the ticket. Kaylan took money out of her own pocket and made up the difference so he could get his ticket.


Gary Ulrich was nominated by his teacher, Mr. Ed Cash.- Gary has become a quiet leader in AP World History.  His work has become, over time, some of the best I see.  Students can see the pride he takes in his work. Because of this, Gary has worked collaboratively with others to help them do better in this challenging class.


Cole Waddell Cole was nominated by his teacher, Mr. Dan Zalbowitz -Cole is a great student in math class.  He always asks good questions, answers questions and supports fellow students.