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Graduation Requirements

For graduation, Durango High School requires 27 Carnegie Units (Classes of 2018-2020) or 23 Carnegie Units (Class of 2021 and later).  Successful completion of a semester course results in .5 Carnegie Unit of credit. Students must earn credits in the following academic areas:
Graduating Classes of 2018, 2019, 2020 Graduation Classes of 2021 and Later
English:  4 Credits English:  4 Credits
Math:  4 Credits
Math:  4 Credits
Science:  3 Credits Science:  3 Credits
Social Studies:  3 Credits Social Studies:  3 Credits
World Language:  2 Credits World Language:  1 Credit
Fitness:  1 Credit Health/PE: 1 Credit
Health: .5 Credit General Electives:  7 Credits
General Electives:  9.5 Credits Individualized Career and Academic Plan
Individualized Career and Academic Plan 60 Hours of any combination of the following:
Community Service:  20 hours     community service, internship, postsecondary coursework,
      or employment with a positive evaluation   
In addition to credits earned from DHS, students may also earn:
  1. Credit from other high schools.  Transfer students must furnish an official transcript from the previous school attended.
  2. Up to 3 Carnegie units of correspondence courses.  These will be allowed with prior approval of the principal or his/her designee.  Seniors taking correspondence courses to fulfill requirements must complete them by May 1st of their senior year in order to participate in graduation ceremonies. Students who are graduating early must complete correspondence courses by the end of the semester in which they plan to fulfill graduation requirements.
  3. Credit from participation in interscholastic sports.  During their high school career, students may earn a maximum of 1 Carnegie unit in fitness or general elective credits when they complete 2 seasons of a sport.
  4. Concurrent enrollment.  Students may take advantage of partnerships with Fort Lewis College, Southwest Colorado Community College, and San Juan community College to earn high school, as well as college credit.
  5. Recovering failed courses.  Students who have failed one or more courses and who would like to make up credits have several sources from which to choose: summer school or a DHS program.  See your Academic Advisor for specifics.

Students who transfer to Durango High School from another school or program of study must earn a minimum of 2.5 Carnegie Units at DHS during the final term of their senior year in order to earn a DHS diploma.