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Exceptional Student Services (ESS) students enrolled in the BEST program are there to gain skills for employment. BEST is in place to provide the skills necessary for employment after graduation from high school. This program offers an exceptional learning experience for the students that make their way through the program.

The venue is a print shop where teachers and staff at Durango High School may come to get their printing needs met. Also, a limited office supply “store” is in place where staff as well as students may purchase supplies. BEST is also responsible for completed recycling in the building as well as lamination.

BEST students are employees and the instructor is the program’s employer. BEST strives to bring the real-world work environment into the classroom as much as possible and must put the employees learning experience first.

For BEST to be successful a balance must be maintained between the success of the copy center and the success of the student employees. BEST is a valuable part of the school’s overall function.