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Language Arts instruction in Durango School District 9-R will develop lifelong skills in oral, written, and visual language while incorporating higher level thinking skills in all children.  Effective communication includes the active learning and integration of all of the language arts components as addressed by District 9-R Ends and Colorado State Standards.  Our goal is to produce literate adults who are able to think critically and to appreciate cultural diversity, and to express facts, ideas and opinions persuasively in a technologically-aware society.

Oral Language:

Listening attentively will allow people to communicate more productively, attending to and deriving meaning from the speech of others.

Speaking effectively will encourage articulate expression, giving meaning to the exchanges of opinions and ideas; it will increase self-confidence and openness to different points of view.

Written Language:

Reading actively and critically will develop the habit of reading the written language of others for information, understanding, and enjoyment.

Writing well will clarify how ideas and feelings are communicated so that meaning is expressed.

Visual Language:

Presenting will develop meaning expressed through visual language.

Viewing will allow students to attend to non-verbal and media presentations, as well as develop an awareness of visual effects to enhance meaning.


Thinking skills will develop organized, logical, and creative ideas into oral, written, and visual language.