This one to four year program is designed to meet the needs of the ever changing Durango community and the future of the agricultural industry.  Students choose from a variety of agriculturally focused classes to pursue hands-on experience that leads to an internship opportunity in an agriculturally related career area.

  9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
  Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy
Agricultural, Food,and Natural Resources
Ag I Intro to Ag
  Farm Ranch Mgmt &Ag Sales Ag Business A Ag Marketing A
  Farm Ranch Mgmt &Ag Sales Ag Business B Ag Marketing B
  Greenhouse Mgmt A Landscape A Plant and Soil A
  Greenhouse Mgmt B Landscape B Plant and Soil B
  Equine Science Lg An Sci Vet Sci A
  Wildlife MGMT Sm An Sci Vet Sci B
  Ag Construction 1A Ag Construction 2A Ag Construction 3A
  Ag Construction 1B Ag Construction 2B Ag Construction 3B
  Ag Leadership    
      Ag IV Internship
Career and Technical Student Organization
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Instructor(s): Gina Baker

CTSO: Future Farmers of America - FFA

CTSO Advisor: Gina Baker