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Scholarship List (Combined)

Local, State, & National List Combined

We will list what the scholarships we know of on this site, however, we recommend students and families do not use this page as their only source for state and local scholarships.  If there is not a link, please check outside of the post secondary office for the application.



National Scholarships:

4th: United State Senate Youth Program (11th & 12th)
30th: Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship
​31st: Coca Cola Scholarship
Get Up! Get Active! Scholarship


State & Community Scholarships:


1st: Boettcher Scholarship (take competitiveness quiz)
15th: Daniels Fund Scholarship

15th: WTC Colorado, Advancing Women Advancing Transportation
22nd:Greenhouse Scholars


National Scholarships:


1st: Young Writers Award (10th, 11th, 12th)
5th: The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Program (9th-12th)

15th:  Elks National Scholarship
​24th: LAEF Scholarship


National Scholarships:


1st: Creative Masonry & Chimney LLC Scholarship
9th: Science Ambassador Scholarship
13th: The Science Ambassador Scholarship
15th: FormSwift Scholarship (3 scholarships throughout the year)
​31st: BURGER KING/MCLAMORE (First 50,000 applications are considered)



State & Community Scholarships:

10th: LAEF Scholarship

22nd: Latin American Education Foundation (LAEF) Scholarship

31th: Colorado State Scholarship Award


National Scholarships:

6th: GE-Reagan Scholarship

12th: The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Program
15th: Mensa Foundation Scholarship
16th: The Coolidge Scholarship (11th grade)

25th: Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

​26th: Point Foundation Scholarship

29th: US JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship

30th: The Lakay Schmidt Young economist Scholarship

31st: Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award

State & Community Scholarships

1st: Always 100% Effort-Joe Burton Scholarship
1st: Briton Family Girl's Swimming Scholarship
1st: Colorado Council on High School/College Relations-Community Scholarship
 Burg Simpson Scholarship

4th: Masonic Lodge Scholarships plus Emory E. Smiley Scholarship
12th: Colorado Masons Benevolent Fund-deadline to schedule an interview

15th: Brinton Family Girl’s Swimming Scholarship (Durango Education Foundation)

15th: Joe Burtoni Scholarship (Durango Education Foundation)

15th: Mary Ruth Bowman Boy’s Swimming Scholarship (Durango Education Foundation)

15th: Newbold Family Scholarship

15th: Elizabeth Testa Memorial Scholarship

15th: Paving a Pathway, Martin Family Scholarship

15th: Morehart Murphy Automotive Scholarship

15th: Sachs Construction Scholarship

15th: Zink Family Fund Scholarship

15th: Tom and Ann Hartney

15th:  100 Club Scholarship

15th: Pinnacol Foundation
25th: RMEL Scholarship


National Scholarships


5th: Elks Legacy Scholarship

15th: The FormSwift Scholarship Program
Hispanic Scholarship Fundwww.usjcisenate.org/scholarship-program
 DAR Scholarships (various scholarships make sure to review)

15th: Society of Women's Engineers Scholarship-FEMALE ONLY
Discover Scholarship Program (monthly drawing)



State & Community Scholarships:

1st: Tri-State Generation & Transmission Scholarship​

1st: Basin Electric Scholarship 

1st: LPEA John Voelker Scholarship

1st: LPEA Scholarship

1st: LPEA Lineman Scholarship

2nd: Fred Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship (Durango Elks)
6th: SGM Scholarship
15th: United Methodist Thrift Shop Scholarship

15th: Colorado Garden Foundation (Full Ride)

15th: Colorado Garden Foundation (One Year Tuition)

15th: Colorado Masons Benevolent Fund Vocational School Grant Program

15th: Colorado Masons Benevolent Fund University and College Scholarship Program
15th: Colorado Young Farmers Educational Association Scholarship

15th: Elks Lodge #507 Scholarship

15th: Elks Lodge Veterans Scholarship

15th: Fred Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship
15th: La Plata Cattlemen & Cowbelles Scholarship Association (5 Scholarships-1 you do not need to be a part of the organization!)

18th: Durango Area Association of Realtors
19th: RMACAC Scholarship
 IBC Bank Scholarship
 National Council of Jewish Women
 CWOA Scholarship
27th: Dorothy Gore PEO Scholarship-FEMALE ONLY
27th:  Colorado County Clerks Association
31st: Young American Creative Patriotic Art Scholarship
31st: P.E.O Wanda Greve Memorial Scholarship-FEMALE ONLY
31st: Winifred R. Reynolds Educational Scholarship

31thGrossman Scholarship

​31st: Durango High Noon Rotary

31st: PCC Foundation Scholarship

National Scholarships:


1st: American Legion Children of Warriors Scholarship

1st: GHCF Scholarship  
2nd:Doodle for Google (9th-12th)

2nd: College Drive Test Prep and Tutoring Scholarship

2nd: Drive Safe Scholarship
25th: Colleges That Change Lives Scholarship
31st: Key Thinkers Scholarship
31st: College Raptor Scholarship
31st:Medical Fields Careers Health Care Scholarship

31st: "No Sweat" Scholarship

31st: Porch Scholarship



State & Community Scholarships:


1st: La Plata- Archuleta County Cattlemen & Cowbelles Association Scholarship
1st: NNMSMGA Scholarship

4th: The LaKay Schmidt Young Economist Scholarship
5th: La Plata Conservation District Scholarship
15th: Colorado Second Chance Scholarship

17th: Women's Energy Network: Kelly de la Torre Scholarship

23rd: Colorado Senior Scholarship Program

23rd: Student View Scholarship Program

25th: Colorado Chapter Scholarship Application
26th: Student Scholarship Essay Contest (9th & 10th Grade)
30thCibrowski Family Scholarship 
30th: Society of Women Engineers Scholarship

30th: South Fork Rescue Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship

30th: FX Chapter of PEO Wanda Greve Memorial Scholarship
30thHigh Noon Rotary Scholarship
30th: CESDA Scholarship


National Scholarships:


4th: National High School Essay Contest (9th-12th)
30th: Charlotte Tucker Scholarship
15th: We The Students Essay Scholarship (9th-12th)

22nd: The FormSwift Scholarship Program

State & Community Scholarships:


1st: Southwest Colorado Bar Association Scholarship

1st: Maj Martinson Memorial Nursing Scholarship
1st: A Mile in My Shoes- (current Juniors) accept the first 50 applications
7th: Hoyt Miller Lions Club Scholarship
8th: Alexander Brown Memorial Scholarship
17th: The Grossman Scholarship 
30th: AAC's Behavioral Health Academic Scholarship
31st:  PB & J Scholarship
31st: Forward Steps Scholarship


National Scholarships:


15th: Aging Matters Scholarship
15th: HonorsGradu Scholarship

21st: B. Davis Scholarship

31st: VueVille Future Technology Scholarship

State & Community Scholarships:


1st: Summit Disability Law Group Scholarship

State & Community Scholarships:


1st: Kelly de la Torre Scholarship (females STEM)
Excelsior Scholarship
15th: Helen M. McLoraine Nonprofit Employment Scholarship

22nd: Women of AT&T 2021 Scholarship


National Scholarships:


1st: 180 Medical Caregivers Scholarship
1st: Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship
12th: Abbott and Fenner Scholarship
15th: Healthcare Leaders Scholarship
19thBig Sun Scholarship
30th: CaptainU Scholarship


National Scholarships:

18th: Natural Healthy Living Scholarship