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DHS Awards $33,000 to Students who Passed AP Exams

The two-year grant helped DHS expand the number of students who participate in AP classes and who earn qualifying scores on the AP exam, with a special emphasis in increasing participation and performance for low income students and students of color. The grant is specific to math, science, and English AP courses, but DHS applies the same philosophy to all AP courses.
The Legacy Grant compensates the school, teachers, and students. DHS received money for technology and equipment and teachers got bonuses for increasing enrollment and student performance. It also provided paid professional development. Students had the opportunity to take part in supports like Saturday study sessions and a full-length mock exam.
Last year was DHS' second and final year of the Legacy grant. Students were paid this week for their performance last Spring. This is the last student pay out.
DHS has been encouraging all students to take an AP course, and this work is paying off. Here's a look at the number of DHS students who took an AP exam by year:
2015: 131
2016: 179
2017: 303
2018: 401
DHS is offering 16 AP courses this year, including the newly offered AP Environmental Science. Although the Legacy Grant has expired, DHS received a new funding source through Colorado Department of Education's Advanced Placement Incentives Program. They awarded $27,500 to support DHS AP program, and the school is eligible to reapply next year as well. Unfortunately, this grant will not pay students who pass their AP exams, but they will still earn college credit.