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How to Be Successful In High School- From Your DHS Academic Advisors

1. Always be prepared. It is hard to participate and be successful in high school if you don't bring the basics; pencil, pen, and paper.
2. Learn to ask specific and relevant questions. Some of your assignments will be tough and there may be a class or two that you simply struggle in. Ask specific questions. For example, don't say "I don't get it". No one can help when you cannot be specific about what you are struggle with. Instead, give details "I am really struggling with developing a good thesis statement" or "I don't understand how to balance chemical equations". Writing down what you don’t know is as important as remembering what you do know. Keep a notebook specifically for questions about what you are learning. You will learn so much by asking questions.
3. Do your homework. We know that this sounds obvious, but it is amazing how many students struggle with this. In my experience, it is the one thing that can help the most. Homework is practice and gives teachers insight to how you are progressing in class. Teachers don’t give homework because it’s fun to grade. Homework is used to help teachers identify areas of strength as well as areas where you struggle so that they can develop a plan to ensure you are successful in learning.
4. Teachers care. Adults in the building sincerely care about students. I have seen teachers go above and beyond on a regular basis to support students. If you are struggling, ask for help. If the teacher can’t help with an issue they usually can find someone who can. There are so many resources for students in high school to use in all areas of their lives, let DHS help. The staff at DHS is passionate about creating a welcoming, safe, and rigorous environment for all students. DHS is a family.
5. Don’t be afraid. Take smart risks and take advantage of new opportunities for involvement. Be a leader. Make new friends, Most importantly, be yourself. You are unique and amazing. Each student is what makes DHS a wonderful place to be.