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DHS Girls Go CyberStart Team Wins $1000

The Durango team took 12th place in the statewide competition, and was recognized with a $1000 award for the school for having the second largest team in the state.
The goal of CyberStart is to spark an interest in information technology and computer security in young people, encouraging them to explore their interests in computer sciences both as a hobby and potential career path.
The competition is developed so that all girls can participate regardless of previous experience or computer knowledge and skills. With the exception of junior Jessica Fiala, the team members all had some previous experience with coding.
“I didn’t know much about programming, but I was still able to understand the challenges and solve the puzzles,” she said.
Throughout the competition girls are encouraged to google items they come across that they may not understand, and to keep learning outside the challenge.
“I would recommend it to any girl wanting to test the waters,” said Kaityn, echoing that anyone could take part in the competition and have a great time.
The competition and computer science classes offered at DHS have introduced the girls on the team to opportunities in technology after graduation.
“I’m considering it as a career, I’m signed up to take computer science courses next year in college,” said Katie Williams.
No matter what course of study or career they choose to pursue after high school, these ladies have proven they’ll be up to the challenge.