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New Student Tracking System for 9-R Buses

How the Student Tracking System Works:
As students board their bus, either at their bus stop or at their school, they will scan their Student ID, which will beep when the student has successfully scanned onto the bus. When students are dropped off at their bus stop or their school campus, they will scan off the bus. The student’s ID cards can be 3 to 4 inches away from the scanner, which is located by the student’s entrance door of the bus. The Student ID cards have no personal information encoded on them, and the card itself has only the student’s name and picture, which is critical for supporting district staff in the event of an emergency. The only information that is encoded on the card is the student’s name. All other information about students is on a secure server.
The Benefits of Student Tracking to Parents & Guardians:
This system provides school administrators, school employees, parents, guardians, and emergency responders with an easy way to access important district transportation information. Parents and guardians are able to log on anytime from any location to access individual student transportation information, such as bus stop look-up or a school look-up.
My Stop:
My Stop allows parents, guardians, and students with a smart phone or similar mobile device to know exactly where their bus is and what time the bus will be at their stop. A graphic displays the bus’s location on a map and gives the estimated time of arrival at a specific student’s bus stop. **Available 2nd Semester**
If a Student Loses or Misplaces the Student ID:
If a student loses or misplaces the Student ID card, there will be a $5.00 charge each time the card has to be replaced. If a student shows up at the bus stop or school stop for three days without the Student ID card, a call will be made to the parent or guardian, informing them that the student does not have the ID card and that it is required to access bus services. Students are allowed to ride the bus to and from school and on school activities while the card is being replaced.
Learn More:
To learn more about the new student tracking system, contact our Transportation Department at (970) 247-5335.