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DHS Teacher Awarded CU Boulder Outstanding High School Educator for 2021

Ann has been with DHS for seven (7) years and teaches general Chemistry and AP Chemistry.  Ann feels that AP Chemistry is a valuable course, and accessible for any student, not just “smart kids”.

Ann has a passion for making chemistry tangible, “I take really hard stuff and make it understandable for students, so they can embrace and be excited about chemistry. “ She says, “Chemistry is a central science and important in so many fields students may pursue like medicine, engineering, or environmental studies.” 

She recognizes that students may feel the pressure of perfection when taking AP courses and works to manage their expectations, “I try to help them understand that they don’t have to be prefect, and lower the pressure they feel. This helps them relax and actually do better, because they can focus on the learning.”

Ann feels that AP courses, in any subject, are good for college bound students. In addition to learning the subject matter, “AP classes help students learn how to study, which is a valuable skill as they continue their education.”

Ann is retiring this year to focus on family matters, but says she will miss teaching, “I love working with the kids, getting to know them, being there to enjoy their “Aha” moments. There is so much joy and so much satisfaction”.