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Parent Feedback Forum - 6.3.20

We’ve discussed different models based on two scenarios - the first is, if restrictions prevent us from having full classrooms at the start of next year.  In that case, we may need to consider coming back in a blended model where students would come to school two days a week and then have connections and work to do to continue their learning at home the rest of the week.  We would work to make sure families are on one schedule knowing that in some cases, older children help watch younger siblings while parents work.  We also recognize that some parents don’t want to subject their child to wearing a mask.  If you would prefer not to have your child in that situation, we will offer a more robust remote learning plan than we did this year that will ensure the same level of rigor as being in school.  This will require a partnership with you and we are committed to supporting you with a teacher’s guidance and support.  

Obviously, as soon as we can resume full day school for all children, we are committed to doing so and will trust parents in making the best decision for their child.  Even under this lifting of restrictions, we’ve wanted to explore opportunities if you would like to continue working in partnership with your child’s teacher in a blended model provided by 9-R.  Again, your child would experience a mixture of in classroom learning and learning facilitated through home based learning and regular teacher connection when not in school.  This model would allow us to support you using district funding.  For some, we know that continuing in an on-line or distance model may be desirable for personal reasons.  This too, is something we are prepared to offer if it is of interest to parents in our community.  

Again, I look forward to becoming a school district that can once again serve students in person in our schools across the district.  These options are not meant to change your mind if that is what you also desire, but it is our job to meet the needs of our community.  Prior to disengaging and moving into summer mode, we’d like to hear your thoughts on how we might best support your child.  We are sending another survey link to you with this message.  Please know that if you are comfortable responding, we’d love to get your input.  If we don’t hear from you, we will use the old-fashioned phone call method to call over the next couple of weeks to collect your feedback.  

This will be our last request of you until we get closer to the start of the year.  Know that we will keep you posted on the conditions we will be required to use as school starts and that we will support you as you consider what is best for your child.  No answer to our survey or our phone poll will commit you to a single model but will help us in planning for next year.

For parents who would like to hear more, we are sponsoring a parent information session next Wednesday, June 3,  beginning at 6:00 pm.  Parents who would like to learn more about different models of learning and contribute to our thinking are invited to join us via Zoom.  For those who do not have internet access, we will also have a call-in number to support your access to this conversation.  A link to this zoom meeting is provided in the email that brought you this video link. 


Meeting ID: 892 1574 5001 Password: 1m0iK5

Phone Access:  (669) 900-6833  or  (253) 215-8782 






Click HERE to view the zoom video of the meeting.