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Message from Superintendent Dan Snowberger

While healthy individuals are likely to recover from this virus as with any other, there are certain populations at higher risk; and as such, we want to be especially aware of the risks we pose as potential carriers to those who are more susceptible.  One infected with this virus often lacks any symptoms for up to 14 days during which time they may be highly contagious without even knowing.  


While the district has not instituted any cancellations of school-related trips, parents do have a right to opt their child out of participation. For families that plan to travel over Spring Break, we ask you to take extra precautions when you return.  With the 14-day period of being a potential carrier, we encourage individuals to be extra vigilant upon return if you have traveled to any high-risk areas. Should you choose to self-quarantine, the district is putting into place resources to support students who are unable to attend school.  We will closely monitor all students as we move forward.


We encourage good hygiene with regular hand washing with soap and water and staying home when ill to prevent spreading germs, and please be sure to report your child’s symptoms to the school if sick. 


Our district has instituted a link on the website at DurangoSchools.org with all recent district communications and helpful links.  As always, we thank you for your support and assistance in keeping our community healthy and safe.


Click HERE to access our Coronovirus update page.