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DHS Students Build Connections in Woodworking

Last year, DHS started a daycare center for 9-R staff and Durango citizens. As a way to inspire students, the children in the center, and the staff, the students built three sets-two sets will go to the daycare center itself and one will go to a Science teacher in the building who has an eleven month old child. When her child becomes big enough, she will pass it on to another teacher in the building. This way the chair and table will receive enduring use as young children will learn how to pull themselves up on the table and eventually learn to walk around the table as they use it as a support. In addition, the small children will, at least hopefully, play with the chair and maybe one day, sit at the chair and do their arithmetic on the table.
The class did this project as a way to discuss the need to serve others. In this project, they gave these tables away for free to do something for other people. The teacher, Nick Brandau, encouraged the students to continue to find ways to serve and help others, even after they graduate.  Specifically, if they continue on the woodworking paths, they can further their skills to offer help and service, either by making furniture, or if they go the carpentry route then framing walls, patching drywall, or fixing someone's plumbing. 
What a great way to put their amazing talents to work!  Thanks for brightening up our toddler center and bringing smiles to all of our faces.