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The Math Department at Durango High School reviewed curriculum in 2010-11 and constructed the following guiding principles:
  • Students should learn to be good problem solvers and problem generators.
  • Students should develop procedural fluency and conceptual understanding of the math being taught.
  • Students should be able to communicate effectively about math.
  • Students should enjoy math.
  • Good teaching inspires students.
  • Choice is important.
  • Learner-centered classrooms enhance student learning.
  • Relationships between students and teachers are important.
Students are required to earn 40 credits in mathematics for graduation.  Based on district guidelines and parameters, the math curriculum was designed so that all students complete the following sequence of courses:

Year 1:  Mathematics I

Year 2:  Mathematics II

Year 3:  Mathematics III  (Students may “Challenge Up” to Precalculus with approval from their Year 2 math teacher.)

Year 4:  Students select from Precalculus , AP Calculus AB,  AP Calculus BC,  AP Statistics, or Consumer Math

Accelerated math students may complete part of this curriculum during their middle school years.  Based on their acceleration, they can access more than one advance placement level math course during their junior and senior years in high school.

Pedagogically, these classes will use an investigative approach to solve authentic and interesting problems in which students explore the themes of mathematics and develop mathematical thinking, while implementing the direct teaching practices of the traditional approach to build the math skills and computations needed to increase procedural fluency.

Textbooks for Mathematics I, II, & III and AP Statistics are available online at: http://math.kendallhunt.com. Your student's teacher can provide you and your student a class pass so that you are able to view the text online.