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Legacy Program

Read a recent Durango Herald article about the Legacy Program here

DHS has partnered with the Colorado Education Initiative and has received the "Legacy Grant" for a two year period. The aim of the partnership/grant is to expand the number of students who participate in Advanced Placement (AP) classes and who earn qualifying scores on the AP exam. There is a special emphasis in increasing participation and performance for low income students and students of color. The grant covers our math, science, and English AP courses, but we apply the same philosophy to all AP courses.

The Legacy Grant compensates the school, teachers, and students. The school receives money for technology and equipment. Teachers get bonuses for increasing enrollment and student performance, and receive paid professional development. Students get access to Saturday study sessions, a full-length mock exam, and $100 for every math/science/english test they pass (3 or higher).

This is our second and final year of the Legacy grant. Students were paid this Winter for their performance last Spring. They will be paid again a year from now for their performance in the Spring of 2018.

In the first year of the grant, 188 students earned a qualifying score in math/science/english, totaling $27,000 in student performance awards. Students were paid between $100 (passing 1 exam) up to $400 (passing 4 exams).