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Virtual Library - Alphabetized


796        About.com: Sports: Good link page to various pages concerning all types of sports.

92        The Academy of Achievement :This site brings you face to face with the extraordinary individuals who have shaped the twentieth century.

808     Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts: This site indexes over 700 books and shorter texts of public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy and retrieves these documents full-text on the Internet.  Has search feature where you can enter author or title.

200        All Things Spiritual: This link site contains links to information about many major religions and religious topics.

912        Altapedia: This site contents maps and statistical information about all the countries of the world.

973.7     American Civil War: Contains a collection of exhibits, timelines, maps, and images from the American Civil War.

317        American FactFinder: Official site able to browse, search, and map data from many Census Bureau sources: the 1990 Census, the 1997 Economic Census, the American Community Survey and the  Census 2000 Dress Rehearsal. In early 2001, the data from Census 2000 will be available in American FactFinder.

610        American Medical Association: This is the official AMA searchable web site for medicine and related topics.

780.973    American Music to 1945 Web Sites: The resources generally into four categories: music history sites, collections of sheet music or lyrics, online reference works such as a discography, or pages with significant examples of music in the genre noted.

700/810.9  American Treasures from the Library of Congress: Imagination: Documents, photographs and drawings from the American Treasures exhibition in the Library of Congress

973         American Treasures from the Library of Congress: Memory: History section of American Treasures exhibits in the Library of Congress.

309        American Treasures from the Library of Congress: Reason: documents and articles from the American Treasures exhibition in the Library of Congress.

978        The American West: Site contains several links to  the History and Development of the American West, from the Frontier and Pioneer days of the Wild West, to today's Modern West.

780       AMG All Music Guide: This searchable site contains information about various musicians, singers and composers, as well as, the albums and styles of music.

938        THE ANCIENT GREEK WORLD: Great site for history, mythology, maps, warfare,  and culture of  Ancient Greeks.

930        Ancient World Net:  This site links to many other sites dealing with topics that range from Archaeology to history of ancient civilizations to the sciences of the ancient world.

530        Annenberg/CPB: Exhibits: Amusement Park Physics: This section of the Annenberg Project exhibits deals with the physics found in the typical amusement park rides like the roller coaster.

791.43    Annenberg/CPB: Exhibits: Cinema: This site by the Annenberg Group deals with how movies are made.

306.09    Annenberg/CPB: Exhibits: Collapse: This section of the Annenberg Project deals with what makes a civilization collapse. It especially looks at the Mayan, Songhai, Mesopotamian, Chaco Canyon civilizations.

628.4      Annenberg/CPB: Exhibits: Garbage: This section of the Annenberg Project deals with ways to recycle the vast amounts of garbage to our society creates.

940.1      Annenberg/CPB Project: Exhibits: Middle Ages: This site looks at life during the Middle Ages.

155.2      Annenberg/CPB: Exhibits: Personality: This section of the Annenberg Project deals with what makes us who we are.

940.2      Annenberg/CPB: Exhibits: Renaissance: This site by the Annenberg Group deals with The Renaissance and its world. It especially looks at Florence and trade.

947.085   Annenberg/CPB: Exhibits: Russia: This site by the Annenberg Group deals with Russia and the changes it has gone through since 1991.

551.2      Annenberg/CPB: Exhibits: Volcanoes: This section of the Annenberg Project deals with volcanoes and how scientists are learning to predict their eruptions.

551.5       Annenberg/CPB: Exhibits: Weather: This section of the Annenberg Project deals with weather and the forces that affect it.

720        Architecture History: This site contains links various sites concerning historical periods and individual architects.

720        Architecture Through the Ages: This web page discusses the many types of architecture and the many ways they have shaped our lives.

720    Architecture Web Sites: Art on the Web's Architecture Links page.

759        The Artchive: Site includes individual artist's works, schools of art, and historical periods.

759        ART HISTORY RESOURCES ON THE WEB: This is an excellent site containing links for the following periods of art:  Prehistoric, Ancient, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Romanticism, Neo-Classicism, Realism, Pre-Raphaelites, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Pointillism, Symbolism,  Expressionism, Cubism Futurism,  Dada Surrealism, Abstract, Expressionism, Pop Art, Op Art, Minimalism,  Performance Art and Non-European Art from  Africa, Asia,  Australia, Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Indus Valley, Japan, Java, Korea,  Melanesia, Mesoamerica, Mongolia, New,  Zealand, Oceania-Polynesia, Pakistan, South America, Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam.

700        Art Web Sites: Excellent links to art and art related sites on the Web.

362.2       @health.com: This site has two main parts the Consumer Home page and the Practitioner Home page.

92/809     Authors & Illustrators on the Web:  This site is great source of information about a great many children's writers and illustrators. The web sites listed here include authors' personal web sites and   web sites maintained by fans, scholars, and readers.

92/809       AUTHORS ON THE WEB: A listing of biographical sketches of authors alphabetical listed.

700        Awesome Library: Arts: This section of Awesome Library contains links to various Arts web pages. The selections are listed by general subject area.

415        Awesome Library: English: This section of Awesome Library contains links to various English web pages. The selections are listed by general subject area.

510        Awesome Library: Mathematics: This section of Awesome Library contains links to various mathematics web pages. The selections are listed by grade level.

400        Awesome Library: Modern Languages: This section of Awesome Library contains links to various languages web pages. The selections are listed by general subject area.

500        Awesome Library: Science: This section of Awesome Library contains links to various science web pages. The selections are listed by area.

300/907   Awesome Library: Social Sciences Lesson Plans: Part of the Awesome Library for teachers and students, this contains resources and lesson plans for major areas of social studies, including history,  current events, multicultural, and economics.



305.8       Balch Institute EMILY: The on-line catalog includes the 60,000 volumes, 600 newspaper titles on microfilm, 6,000 serial titles, and 300 manuscript collections within the Balch Library that document American ethnic life and immigration history.

403        Bartleby's Great Books Online: This is a searchable links site featuring: Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. 2000,  American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 3rd ed. 1996, Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus, 3rd ed. 1995, American Heritage Book of English Usage. 1996,  Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations. 1988, and novels and stories by the major writers.

708        The Biggs Museum of American Art: This site concerns the Sewell C. Biggs Museum of American Art that houses a personal collection that has been in the making for over half a century.

92        Biographical Dictionary :This dictionary includes more than 27,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day.

92        Biographies Online: Site contains hundreds of biographies grouped by topic.

92        Biography.Com: This site produced by A&E contains 20,000 biographies of famous popular people.

294.3    Buddhist Information Network: This site is devoted to all things concerning Buddhism.

292.1       Bulfinch' Mythology: Look through the three volumes of Bulfinch's Mythology: Age of Fable; Age of Chivalry  or Legends of King Arthur; and Legends of Charlemagne. Has some search tools.




92        Catholic Encyclopedia: Alphabetical listing of major and minor figures, terms and events in Roman Catholic history (yes even Luther is listed.)

614.4    Center for Disease Control:  This is the official searchable web site for CDC.

791.43    Center for Motion Picture Study: This is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences official home page.

780        CHICO's Music Heritage Network (MHN): site features sound, text and visual materials;  sights and sounds from around the world.

810.8    The Children's Literature Web Guide: The Children's Literature Web Guide is an attempt to gather together and categorize the growing number of  Internet resources related to books for Children and Young Adults.

915.1        China Virtual Tours: Links site to China's most famous tourist areas and scenic attractions.

910    CIA World Factbook: This is one of the most complete site on facts about countries around the world.

973.7       Civil War: Contains a large collection of articles, biographies, battle statistics and maps, and images from the American Civil War.

292.1        Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources: site contains good list of Greek gods and their attributes and some classical texts.

808        Classics at the Online Literature Library: This site contains links to full text version of works of the following authors:  Aesop, James Matthew Barrie,  L. Frank Baum, Anne Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Edgar Rice Burroughs,  Lewis Carroll,  Willa Cather, Wilkie Collins, Stephen Crane, Charles Darwin, Honore de Balzac,  Rene Descartes, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexandre Dumas,  William Kemp, Jack London, John Milton, Lucy Maud Montgomery, E. Phillips Oppenheim, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, Leo Tolstoy, Mark Twain, Jules

92        Colonial Hall: Site contains biographies of 103 founding fathers.

912.73       Color Landform Atlas of the United States: All types of individual  state maps.

614.4    Communicable Disease Fact Sheets: This is the web site for the New York State Department of Health on communicable disease.

92        Congressional Biographical Directory: searchable Federal Directory of all congressional members from 1789 to now.

940.53       Concentration Camps: The Jewish Student Online Resource Center offers background info  on a lot of the concentration camps. Some camps are given more attention than others, but there is still a large quantity of details, maps, facts, essays and more.

598        Cornell laboratory of Ornithology: Great site for the birds.

500        Cornell Math & Science Gateway:  Site links to all of the Cornell Math & Sciences sites ranging from Astronomy to Physics.

940.53      Cybriary of the Holocaust: Site dedicated to remembering those lost in the Holocaust; lots of poems, photos and stories.




362.2        Dictionary of Mental Health: The Online Dictionary of Mental Health covers all of the disciplines contributing to our understanding of mental health offering different viewpoints on issues in mental health.

970.004   Digital Librarian: Native American Resources: l  ink site to web resources on Native American issues.

614.4        Diseases of the Liver:  This Columbia University site is an alphabetical list of liver diseases and conditions with hypertext links to files at this site, or to other sites.

780        DMOZ: Music Styles: Link site containing web sites to the major musical styles

808.81    dmoz:  Poetry in Translation: This directory contains lists of links sites concerning translated poetry from the following areas:  African Poetry, Chinese Poetry, East European Poetry, French Poetry, German Poetry, Greek Poetry, Indian Poetry, Irish Poetry, Italian Poetry, Japanese Poetry, Latin American Poetry , Middle-Eastern Poetry, Portuguese Poetry, Russian Poetry,  Scandinavian Poetry, Spanish Poetry




940.1      EAWC: Chronology  Medieval Europe: Timeline starting in 500 CE covers most of the major events in Medieval Europe. Links to other chronologies

820    English Literature on the Web: This links site contains hundreds of web pages on all things concerning English literature.  There is a small section on American Authors as well.

809.1    EPC Author Home Page Library: Poems at this site are accessed by looking up the poet, mostly contemporary American.

641.5     Epicurious For People who Eat:  This is the official site of Gourmet, Bon Appetit, and Epicurious magazines.  Contains recipes and articles about foods, culinary arts, and eating around the world.

780.92   Essentials of Music: This site for basic information about classical music from Medieval to modern times.  It contains information on composers, as well as, a glossary of terms and some audio links for realplayer.

940        Eurodocs: Western European (mainly primary) historical documents that are transcribed, reproduced  in facsimile, or translated. They shed light on key historical happenings within the respective countries

940.1       European Middle Ages: Good timeline and links to people of the Middle Ages.

909        Eyewitness, History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It: This site looks the past through personal narratives and other first-hand sources.

709.32   Exploring Ancient Cultures: Egypt: This site links to Egyptian Art web pages.




317        FedStats: More than 70 agencies in the United States Federal Government are on this site to provide easy access to the full range of statistics and information produced by these agencies for  public use.

327.73    Federal News Service:  This site allows you, for the first time, to read verbatim transcripts of the actual words spoken by American and Russian leaders on matters of official Government policy and other issues of the day.

347.73    Federal Judiciary: Searchable site for U.S. Courts  and the Judicial Branch of U.S. Government.

770        Film and Photography Links: Art on the Web's Film and Photography Links Page.

630        Find The Expert: Agriculture Research Service: Searchable site concerning all areas of  Agriculture from the USDA.

597        Fins: Fish Information Service: Site contains information about aquariums and tropical fish.

940.4        The First World War Statistics: Statistical site for World War I.

92        The First Ladies of the United States of America: Official White House site of The First Ladies' biographies.

709.02    The Florence art guide:  Explore the monuments, historic periods, artists and art works that have made Florence such a  wonderful city.

799.1     The Fly Fishing Loop: This site is the largest ring of web sites that are fly fishing related on the Internet.

398.2/808.83    Folklore, Myth and Legend: Excellent site for actual folk tales, fairy tales, myths and legends.  It is  part of The Children's Literature Web Guide.

398.2/808.83    Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts: Alphabetized listing of e-texts of folklore, fairy tales and myths from around the world in two separate pages.  The country of origin is listed at end of the text.

978     FRONTIER TRAILS - A Brief History: Site contains many links to the famous trails of the Old West.




910     Geography: This searchable hot link site has over a hundred sites dealing with all areas of geography.

910        Geography Sites: Link site to various web pages dealing with the following areas of geography: General Geography,  Exploration and Adventure, The World in Spatial Terms, Places and, Regions,  Physical Systems, Human Systems, Environment and  Society, The Uses of Geography.

910        Geography World: A Huge site containing links to all sorts of geographical and historical sites.

430    Germanic Studies:  Sites of Interest for students of German

430    German Language Resources: Language links concerning the German language and literature; broken down by countries where German is used.

92        Glass Bead Game: Index of biographies of the famous in the following fields: Anthropology | Biology | Chemistry | Computer & information science, cybernetics | Economics | Education | Linguistics Mathematics | Philosophy | Physics | Politics | Psychology | Religion | Sociology | Writers of note

310        Global Statistics:  This site is "dealing with statistics on the human population. The main kind of data you can find here is on the population of regions, countries, provinces and cities. Next to that there are some statistics on economic factors like wealth, infrastructure and more.

641.5     Gode Cookery: Recipes from several Medieval English manuscripts and collections, each in its original language and accompanied with a literal translation, and followed by a modern interpretation of the recipe and its cooking procedures.

92/809        Great Writers and Poets: A to Z pages for specific authors featuring bibliographies, biographies, reviews, quotes, texts, and pictures. Inc. links to prize winners.

940.4     The Great War and the Shaping of the Twentieth century:  PBS official page contains timelines, photos, personal accounts and histories of the WWI and its effects on the 20th Century.

938        Greek Civilization: Good site for basic information and graphics by Portland State University.



613        Health Canada Online: Canada's Health Database: English version

613        Healthfinder: A searchable guide to reliable health information for students by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

613        The Health Network:   Internet directory on health related topics.

613        HealthWorld Online: Interactive site dealing with health and medicine related topics.

929.6    Heraldica: site devoted to heraldry (the study of coats of arms) in all forms and in all places.

635        Herb Research Foundation: A good site for medical use of herbs. While a membership pages, anyone can access the recent articles, glossary of photos and links.

708       The Hermitage: A tour of the major collections and of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia.

294.5     The Hindu Net:  This site is devoted to all things concerning Hinduism including the arts, myths, legends, culture and customs.  There is a small screen that comes up that you need to close.

780.973   Historical American Sheet Music: This site provided by Duke University contains sheet music from 1850 to 1920. It includes a search engine and timelines.

 900       History Channel: The is the History Channel official site and includes such sections as This Day in History, searchable database of past stories, and the new programs on the channel.

720        History of Western Architecture: This site links to various architectural sites in the western world including a good section on Mesoamerica.

510        History of Mathematics Links: Great links site for topics on Mathematics in Specific Cultures, Periods or Places

909        History of the World: Site provides several timelines by countries and continents.

903        The History Place: Site for major historical events in American and European history.

940.54    The History Place: World War II in Europe: Excellent site for articles about WWII and the Holocaust.

909        History Timelines: The History Beat: This part of search-beat looks at United States History on the Internet  and History Resources From Around The Globe.

940.53    The Holocaust History Project: free archive of documents, photographs,  recordings, and essays regarding the Holocaust.

940.53     Holocaust Museum: A tour of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

611        Human Anatomy Online: Highly graphic site about human anatomy.

909        HyperHistory: This site presents 300 years of world history with graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps.  It contains 1,600 links.




92        Indexes of Biographies: Searchable alphabetical or chronological indexes of Mathematicians' biographies

031        Information Please Almanac & Encyclopedia: A Searchable site for all sorts of general topics, ranging from home to sports to countries of the world. On its home page it features Today in History, Today's Birthdays and special features.

100        The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: excellent site for articles about philosophers, philosophical topics and theories.

 070      Internet Public Library: Online Newspapers: This site links to many newspapers from around the world.  Search is done by find the continent, then the country.

870        The Internet Classic Archives: Works Selected from a list of 441 works of classical literature by 59 different authors, including user-driven commentary and "reader's choice" Web sites. Mainly Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian), all in English translation.

940.1        The Internet Medieval Sourcebook:  This site is Fordham University Center for Medieval Studies site page and is organized as three main index pages, Selected Sources an index of selected and excerpted texts; Full Text Sources full texts of medieval sources arranged according to type, and the Saints' Lives.

362.2     Internet Mental Health:  This is the official Canadian Mental Health site.  It is searchable.

92/609        Inventors Online Museum: This searchable site list many short biographies of main inventors and information about the inventions.

297        IslamiCity: Site devoted to the Islamic Religion, It also contains news articles and reports from a Islamic point of view.




978        Jim Jankes' Old West: This site contains many links to web sites about the legend and reality of 19th Century America west of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and anything and anybody associated with it, past and present.




910         KIDPROJ Multicultural Calendar: This searchable site allows you to find out about celebrations and holidays from around the world.  You can search by the names of the authors, date, month, country and holiday for each country.

799.1       Kilroy's Fly Fishing & Fly Tying:  good site for information about and concerning all aspects of fly fishing and fly tying.




940.1       The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies: Best site for anything medieval, particularly the various regional cultures.

912        Library of Congress Country Studies: This online series presently contains studies of 100  countries.

910        Lonely Planets: Destinations: Online service of well-known travel book line is searchable by name or by a clickable regional world map.

708        The Louvre: A tour of the present exhibits and major works found in the Louvre in Paris, France.

92/809    LSU Libraries Webliography AUTHOR GUIDES: This directory contains pointers to individual author guides or other cumulative documents that deal with specific writers.




510         The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive:   This site contains indexes of biographies, mathematical topics, and curves, as well as, a search tool for the entire archive.

813.4    Mark Twain: This site contains a biography, photos, and links to more pages about Twain.

021.6    Marmot Library Network: This site links to regional libraries as well as a great virtual library section.

610        Mayo Health Clinic:  This searchable Mayo Clinic site contains Comprehensive resources for cancer, heart disease and other medical conditions as well as practical advice about nutrition, women's health and other topics.

610        Medline Plus: Searchable database on hundreds of diseases, conditions, and wellness issues.

709.02    Medieval Art Links: Art on the Web's Medieval Art Links page.

940.1     Medieval Sourcebook: Tacitus: Germania: Medieval Sourcebook on Germania

940.1    Medieval Web Links:  This site is a question & answer site containing many links to very good medieval web pages on specific topics.

610        MedicineNet.com: This searchable site contains article from SmartMed on  Diseases & Conditions, Procedures & Tests, Medications, and Healthy Living, as well as, the MedTerms Dictionary.

362.2     Mental Health InfoSource: This is a searchable site on all topics concerning mental health.

972        Mesoweb: Contains legends, graphics, archeological sites and a searchable encyclopedia of the  Mesoamerican area

708        The Metropolitan Museum of Art; New York: Great link to a major museum.  Excellent artwork
                    from ancient to the modern major artists.

759.5      Michelangelo: This site contains most of Michelangelo's artwork.

780.9/940.1     A Miscellany of Links about Early Music: Links to the music of this and other time periods.

822.3    Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet: This site contains "annotated guide to the scholarly Shakespeare resources available on Internet" including timelines, genealogy, biographies, all the plays, and commentaries.

708        MUSEUMS: link site of museum in the United States and other selected areas of the world.

782.1    Musicals 101.COM: This site is The Cyber Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre, TV and Film with over 600 pages and 2000 illustrations.

780.9     Music History 102: a Guide to Western Composers and their Music from the Middle Ages to the Present: The sound files that form a part of Music History 102 are encoded using RealAudio.

292.1        Mythography: information about the classic stories of heroes and gods from the myths of  ancient Greece and Rome, to the legends of the Celts; presents resources and reference materials about mythology - including  recommended books, and lexicons that explain Greek, Roman, and Celtic terms and words.

291.1        Mythology on the Web: searchable site covering the following topics: The African Diaspora, Arthurian Legend, Celtic Myth,  Egyptian Myth, Greco-Roman Myth.

398.2    Myths & Legends: Aside from the General section, these links are organized by region and language group, with those groups which produced written accounts of their myths and legends earlier, generally appearing closer to the beginning.

292.1        Mythweb: Contains simple retelling of major Greek gods, heroes, and The Odyssey. Also contains some good cartoons of the main figures.




940.53     NAAF Project: Time line with links of the major events in the Holocaust.

910        National Anthems of the World: This site contains national anthems from around the world. These are in MIDI format.

614.4    National Foundation for Infectious Diseases: This is a searchable web site for the NFID.

708        National Gallery D.C.: A tour of the present exhibits in the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.

708        National Gallery London: A tour the present exhibits in the National Gallery in London, England.

614.4    The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS):
This site is part of the National Institutes of Health, the principal biomedical research agency of the United States Government.

614.4        National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases:  This is a searchable web site of various topics concerning Diabetes, digestive and Kidney diseases.

362.86/616.86    National Institute of Drug Abuse: This site deals with the partnerships among NIDA, treatment researchers and  community based treatment providers in order to improve the quality of drug  abuse treatment throughout the nation.

614.4    The National Institutes of Health; Osteoporosis & Related Bone Diseases: This searchable site contains links to web  resources and information on metabolic bone diseases.

610        National Network of Libraries of Medicine: Dedicated to making the world's biomedical
                    information available throughout the U.S.

92        National Women's Hall of Fame: The site contains biographies of the women recognized for their efforts and contribution to humanity.

613        National Women's Health Information Center:  This searchable federal site contains articles and resources about topics concerning women's health issues.

610        The New England Journal of Medicine:  Searchable database of articles in the The New England Journal of Medicine.  Full text only for members, but excellent informative abstracts for any user.

978        New Perspectives of the West  PBS: Site provides students, teachers and others with direct access to many of the diaries, memoirs, journals, maps and archival photos that have gone into the making of THE WEST.

070      Newspapers of the world on the Internet: This site contains hypertext links to those newspapers accessible on the World Wide Web.

523.4      The Nine Planets: A multimedia tour of the Solar System

709.02    19th and 20th Century Art Links: Art on the Web's 19th and 20th Century Art Links page.

001.4    Nobel e-Museum: This  official Nobel Prize web site contains the photos, biographies and the speeches of all the various prizes.  It also contains articles about the prizes and winners.

709.02    Non-Western Art Links: Art on the Web's Non-Western Art Links  page.




362.86/616.86    Office of National Drug Control Policy:  Searchable government site on drugs and the control of illicit drugs.  Sections deal with street names, statistics, treatment, education and enforcement.

614.4     Oncolink: University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center:  This site contains resources on specific types of cancer, cancer treatments,  and a special section on Coping with Cancers.

808        On-line Books Page: This searchable index includes more than 10,000 English works in various formats and covers various fields of study plus literature from around the world.  Authors, titles, and subjects can be searched.

810.9     Open Directory: American Literature: This links site connects to various topics concerning American Literature.

759        Open Directory: Art History: Movements:   This searchable site contains links to the following movements and periods in art history: Abstract, Expressionism, Abstractism, Ancient Art, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Ashcan School, , Baroque, Classicism, Constructivism, Cubism, Dada, Expressionism, Fauvism, French Academic - 19th C., Futurism, Hudson River School, Impressionism, Mannerism, Medieval Art, Modernism, Neoclassicism, Orientalism, Pop Art -1960's, Post-Impressionism,  Prehistoric Art, Pre-Raphaelites, Realism, Renaissance, Rococo, Romanticism, Surrealism, Symbolism, and Victorian Genres

759        Open Directory: Artists: This is a searchable site that concerns links to individual artists and their works.

030      Open Directory: General Topics: This os the general topics page for the Open Directory Project.  Topics ranged from  Arts to Health & Medicine to Recreation to World Affairs.

808        Open Directory: Literature: This link page connects to hundreds of links on various topics in literature.

398.2    Open Directory: Myths and Folk tales: Folk tales: World Tales: This is a searchable links page connecting to links of various countries' tales.

808        Open Directory: World Literature: This links page connects to hundreds of sites through country and regional topic sites.




070      The Paperboy: This site is a searchable link page for newspapers around the world.  Pull down menus allow to select newspaper by title or by country.

292.1        The Perseus Project: digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond: a large, heterogeneous collection of materials, textual and visual, on the Archaic and Classical Greek world.

030      PBS.Online: This is the Public Broadcasting Stations official site.  The Search section allows you to look at information from such programs as Nova and the American Experience, as well as articles written for these programs.

546        Periodic Table of Elements: An interactive table of the elements.

613.7      The Physician and Sports medicine: A searchable database of journal articles concerning sports medicine.

92        The Presidents of the United States of America: The official White House site of biographies of the presidents.

362.86/616.86    Prevline; Prevention Online: Searchable site of drug and substance abuse sites and databases.

808        Project Guttenberg: Contains electronic texts of thousands of classical literature from around the World. Includes complete works of Dickens, Twain, Shakespeare, Poe, Austen, and many many others.




781.65    The Red Hot Jazz Archive:  good linked article on Jazz.

200        Religious Torelance.org: This site gives basic aspects. holy texts, leaders, beliefs, etc. of major and minor religions and ethical groups from around the world.

709.02    Renaissance Art Links: Art on the Web's Renaissance Art Links page.

781.66    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum: This is the official site for the Hall of Fame.  Contains lots of information about the artists, the music and the time periods.

92        Role Models on the Web: This site features biographies of about twenty popular celebrities a month

615        RxList- The Internet Drug Index: searchable database of drugs by name, brand and use.  Also contains information on alternative medicine and patient education.




500         Sciences Links: Site contains several good links to general and specific science web sites.

551.46     Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Home site for a leading institution of Oceanography.

951    Secrets of the Great Wall: Discovery Channel's web site on the Great Wall of China and the history surrounding it.

822.3    Shakespeare Online: This site is devoted to all things concerning Shakespeare: essays, commentaries, plays, critiques, key dates, timelines.

822.3    Shakespeare's Life and Times Home Page:  This is a good for information about Shakespeare, his life, his plays and his period.  There are the full text plays in their original form and spelling.

940.54    Simon Wiesenthal Center: Site deals with the Holocaust and other war crimes of WWII.

973        Smithsonian National Museum of American History:  Searchable web site by the Smithsonian of American History, especially good Timeline.

782.42        Song Lyrics; Libretti: This links page contains sites to pages containing the lyrics to various types of songs.

323.1    Sovereignty from the Indigenous Perspective: link site to web sources on the issue of tribal sovereignty and self-rule.

323.1    Sovereignty: Native American: an article and link site about Sovereignty for native American tribes.

946        Spanish History: link site from Go.com on Spanish History.

030    SparksNotes.COM: This site includes links to the following: Literature, Astronomy (planets), Poetry, History, Biology, Biography, Computer Science, Shakespeare, Philosophy, Economics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Health & Nutrition.

796       Sports Illustrated/ CNN:  The name says it all.

92        Sports Illustrated for Women; 100 top Women Athletes: This sites lists and gives short biographies to the top 100 women athletes.

613.7      Sports Medicine.Com: Searchable site of sports medicine related topics.

100        Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: searchable online encyclopedia of philosophy.

317        Statistical Abstract of the U.S.: Site contains supplement to the Statistical Abstract of the United  States and presents national summary data and state population estimates, most recent statistical abstracts for states, Frequently Requested Tables from the Statistical Abstract, and the State and County Demographic and Economic Profiles.

362.86/616.86    Substance Abuse: This is about.com drug abuse home page.

305.409    Surf Report: Women's History: This link site lists many web pages on various women's history topics.

929.7       SurnameWeb's Genealogy Search Engine: This is the search portion of SurnameWeb.  Here you will be able to search their databases for information about your last name and genealogy concerning the last names of your family.




821        A TIME-LINE OF ENGLISH POETRY 658-2000: This site contains Poetry edited by members of the Department of English at the University of Toronto. it also contains  indexes: by Poet, by Title, by First Line, by Days of the Year, and by Keyword, as well as a Glossary of Poetic Terms and Criticism on Poetry.

328.73    Thomas: This Library of Congress site deals with legislative issues.  It gives some of the most complete information on bills, committees and the actions of congress.

905        Today in History: Just what it says; it presents what happened throughout history on a particular  day.  You can look at past dates.  Site provided by Library of Congress.

403    Travlang' Translating Dictionaries: This contains many free translating dictionaries.  You are able to select which language to translate from and into.




92        USA Index to Biographies:  This site containing data about historical people related to American History.

317.3      U.S. Census Bureau: official site of the Census, several searchable databases.

328.73    The United States House of Representatives: The official home page of the House contains all sorts of information about the present and past houses, the latest actions and ways to contact the  representatives.

328.73    The United States Senate Home page:  The official Senate home page contains biographies of senators, the standing committees, Legislative acts and pending actions, and a way to contact the various senators directly.

912        U.S. State Department Background Notes: Background Notes provide information on geographic entities and international organizations and are updated periodically. Background Notes for some countries are currently unavailable.

912.73    U.S. Territorial Maps 1775-1920: site contains about 18 maps of the USA from 1775 to 1920.

050        UTNE Reader Online:  This site contains the latest issue of the UTNE Reader.




759.94    Vincent: This site contains most of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings and drawings.

597.8      Virtual Frog Dissection Kit: The site allows you to "dissect" a frog without really cutting up one.

610.6      The Virtual Hospital: The Virtual Hospital is a digital health sciences library by the University of Iowa to help meet the information needs of health care providers and patients.

523.4      Virtual Solar System: National Geographic tour of the Solar System.




551.5        Weather Channel: official Weather Channel site.

551.5        Weather Underground: Great site for weather around the United States, check out the latest tropical storms, get ski reports, and marine forecasts. You can even find out what stars are showing in the sky at your zip code.

546        Web Elements: An interactive periodical table of the elements.

709        Web Gallery of Art: The Web Gallery of Art contains over 4,000 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1200 and 1700. A considerable number of the pictures are commented and biographies of the significant artists are given.

403    A Web Of On-line Dictionaries: A searchable site looking up dictionaries on the following topics: Multilingual Dictionaries, Specialized English Dictionaries, Thesaurus and Other Vocabulary Aids, Language Identifiers and Guessers,  An Index of Dictionary Indices, A Web of On-line Grammars, A Web of Linguistic Fun.

708        WebMuseum: Nice collection of famous artworks plus special collections shown each month.

978        Westward Expansion: This site contains links to various web sites concerning the westward movement in the United States.

305.409    Women's International Center: This site contains articles, links and biographies of women who have contributed to humanity and have won the Living Legacy Award.

910     World Heritage List: This site lists 445 cultural, 117 natural and 20 mixed properties in 114 States Parties.

310        World Statistics @ InfoPlease.com: This site contains links to limited general statistics about countries around the world.

940.4     World War I Document Archive: Contains articles, primary documents and images of the World War I era.

940.4      World War I: Trenches on the Web: This site "contain information on the people, places, and events that comprised one of the worst calamities of modern history, World War I.

021.6    The WWW Virtual  Library:  Excellent starting point for various topics on the Web.

970.004    WWW Virtual Library - American Indians Index of Native American Resources on the Internet: link site containing hundreds of links to pages concerning Native Americans.