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Demon Staff of the Month

Audrey Harwig 
May 2021
Audrey HarqigAudrey is our Nurse and runs our school health office.
What our staff had to say about Mrs. Lyon:
Audrey has gone above and beyond this year to ensure the safety and health of our students and staff. Not only has she maintained all of her regular, yearly responsibilities, she has taken on all the additional and high-stakes responsibilities that come with our COVID guidelines and protocols. From working with staff and students to communicating with families Audrey has done an amazing job and we are so lucky to have her on the Demon Team!! Thanks Audrey!!
Audrey has gone above and beyond this year with all of the overwhelming changes that COVID has created for the Health Office. She continues to do her job with a smile, even when in the isolation room or working on tracking students or quarantines. She has managed to be a calm presence in DHS's everyday COVID world
Kriste Lyon 
April 2021
Mrs. Lyon is the head of our Math Department and currently teaches Math 1 as well as AP Statistics. 
What our staff had to say about Mrs. Lyon:
Our staff describes Mrs. Lyon as calm, supportive, passionate, collaborative, and knowledgeable in her field. Thank you to Mrs. Lyon for exemplifying the demon way! 
Melinda Wood 
February 2021 
Melinda Wood
Melinda has been a part of the Demon staff for 6 years, and currently works as an administrative assistant under Assistant Principal Melissa Boudreaux.
What our staff had to say about Melinda:
Our staff describes Melinda as kind, selfless, hard-working, compassionate, patient, friendly, involved, and always a ray of sunshine. Everyone who knows Melinda can attest to that being true!
Remote Room Staff 
January 2021 
Demon Remote Staff Our remote room staff includes Daylin Begay, Kyra Gonzales, Benji Danquah, Ali Jones, Kayla Mohlman, Heather Pina, Anna Barstatis, and Erik Lahdekorpi.  
What our staff had to say about the remote room staff: 
The awesome folks running remote rooms deserve our gratitude and a celebration of their efforts! They've offered support and safety to students during such a strange time. Some of my most complex students have been attending-- or not-- and the outreach the team has provided is just a life saver. I appreciate their work so very much!”
Michelle Flom 
December 2020
Michelle FlomNew to our staff this year, Michelle works in the Durango Elevation Academy teaching math as well as our online electives. She is an incredible asset to our team, and committed to making an positive impact on students and staff alike! 
What our staff had to say about Michelle:
I would like to nominate Michelle for all the work she has done in Elevation this year. She  created individual schedules for all 54 elevation students. She also figured out our school day, how our time would be spent when the students are at school. She sends out parent/student communications regularly so everyone knows exactly what is going on and expected of them. She has called parents every week to check in on them and their student. She sends personal communication to students so they remember to wake up in the morning, know what days they are supposed to attend class and which assignments they need to be working on. On weekends she makes Math instructional videos and posts them to YouTube. At the end of quarter one we realized some things in Elevation were not working so she changed our schedule, made new schedules for each student and made sure that our new schedule was meeting our students needs. It was awesome and was working so well, then we had to go remote. As I am writing this paragraph she is teaching math to three students who struggle to come to school everyday. She meets them where they are at, provides one-on-one attention and helps them feel confident in their math abilities. Oh and she is the ILT representative for Elevation. On top of all of her Elevation leadership and teacher responsibilities she has taken over the 21 Accelerate Elective courses for our online learners. This puts her student number well over 400 students. She grades all their work, provides them actual feedback, responds to their emails in less than 24 hours and again communicates with parents every week about student progress. She even listens to their Spanish recordings, yep she knows Spanish. She never complains and is happy to do her part to help me DHS the top performing high school in CO. Her drive, problem solving and passion for what she does is inspiring to all those around her.