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Basecamp School of Expeditionary Learning


In mountaineering, a “base camp” is an area for staging an attempt to the summit.  It is a place of safety and comfort from which to take challenges.  A base camp is where the quest begins and where you prepare for the upcoming challenge.  Likewise, BASECAMP School for Expeditionary Learning will be a small learning community used for staging demanding academic and interpersonal challenges.  From BASECAMP, you will plan, prepare, and access experts and resources to take your learning to the next level of action.

BASECAMP  School of Expeditionary Learning is a school where:

  • Learning is active - students are scientists, urban planners, historians, authors, and activists.
  • Learning is public - students, teachers, and local experts share visions of high achievement.
  • Learning is meaningful -  students apply skills and knowledge to real-world issues.
  • Learning is challenging -   students are guided to do more than they think they can.
  • Learning is collaborative -  rigorous expectations for quality work, and achievement is balanced with the joy of learning.

Students are often engaged in Case Studies and Learning Expeditions, designed around compelling topics and guiding questions that challenge them to incorporate field work, local expertise, and service learning to craft products worthy of a real audience.   In BASECAMP, our culture promotes deep engagement and adventure in learning that challenges all students to achieve at high levels.  Our students will gain skills critical to college readiness and life-long success.  
A strong tenet of BASECAMP is:  We are crew, not passengers.  In BASECAMP, you will be an active participant in your quest for learning, your quest for quality, your quest to develop stamina and character, and your quest to realize:    “Plus est en vous!” - there is more inside you than you think.

At a Glance

  • School Mascot: Demons
  • Colors: Red and White
  • Students: 1052
  • Teachers: 92
  • Support Staff: 32

Our Mission

The mission of Durango High School, a community-based partnership, is to ensure each student develops the positive character attributes and academic excellence necessary to compete and contribute in the global community, by providing tailored, engaging, and relevant educational opportunities within a safe and healthy environment.

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